Icelandic Journey

Day 1… Sort of

Some hours ago I was welcomed to Iceland by a torrential downpour and incredible gusts of wind that literally almost knocked me over. My hair whipped around my face while boarding a bus from Keflavik to Reykjavik. A pretty harsh welcome, but it did serve as an awesome reminder that I am in a very different place. And I have a greater appreciation of natures power after almost being taken out by it. 

We had been in transit for over 12 hours and couldn’t yet check into our rooms so Sherri and I munched at our hotels dining room (hotel Lind). I was nauseous from exhaustion but eating helped. After a nap, we explored with a new friend who is on the same tour as us. 

The weather here changes so quickly, you can never be sure what’s coming. We’ve seen small hail, fluffy snow, and sunshine all within an hour or less. So even though the weather appears ever changing, my opinion of the boston airport is stuck on negativity. Some of the staff were incompetent and very rude. I’m staying away if at all possible from now on. 

I was a little disappointed on our bus ride to the hotel because it was too dark to see anything. The sun didn’t rise until after 8am local time. I couldn’t get a good sense of the terrain but it seems rocky with snow patches. It’s been around 37 degrees Fahrenheit which is pretty balmy compared to the frigid Pennsylvania temperatures I’ve been accustomed to as of late. 

Our new friend is a girl from Australia. After our nap the three of us explored Reykjavik, took pictures of mountains, and warmed ourselves with some coffee. I look forward to gallavanting into the wilderness soon, but I really do need more rest before I do so. Well keep it low key tonight and hopefully see the northern lights tomorrow night. 

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