Icelandic Adventure Day 4

Due to seeing the spectacular lights at 2 am, I didn’t get much sleep. I slept on the bus a little bit, but was conscious enough to pick up some more awesome bits of information on Iceland.

  • If Icelandic horses leave Iceland, they can’t come back. They truly want to keep the breed pure and as disease free as possible. Also, they don’t break the horse’s spirit when training them.
  • There is no longer a death penalty in Iceland.
  • There used to be a law that Muslims would be beheaded, this law was in place until 1980 but was never used. The law was put in place because a long time ago pirates killed and enslaved some Icelanders. The law is no longer on the books.
  • Iceland had a serial killer once.
  • Joke: If you’re lost in an Icelandic forest…. stand up.

Today was a jam-packed day filled with waterfalls, geysers, tomatoes, and horses. First we ventured to Gulfoss to see the double waterfall that plunges into the Hvita River.


We also saw geysers and hot springs that looked a lot like huge crystal geodes.

11009974_10155326817270284_8513207668623094331_n 11072540_10155326817635284_6773950617517364792_n

We also got to see Icelandic horses up close as well as a greenhouse with the most delicious tomatoes!

13083_10155338901300284_5026203593212850258_n 1610896_10155326834370284_5378084457316074684_n

That night two of our friends from Australia serenaded us with their awesome piano playing skills.

Iceland Tip: Bring snow pants. Even if they’re cumbersome, it’s nice to have the option of wearing them. You can always wear jeans underneath and take them off/leave them on your tour bus.

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