Icelandic Adventure Day 5

For breakfast I tried some Vegemite from our Australian friend, Petula. She knows how to make Vegemite sandwiches just right. There was a thin layer of Vegemite, cheese, and meat. It wasn’t too salty and I felt super cool getting to try something that is such a staple in other parts of the world. Additionally that morning our tour guide informed us that we may have to reroute due to gale force winds of 180 mph. This apparently didn’t seem surprising to the Icelanders, it made me wonder how people functioned when there wasn’t the technology to warn people across the island of the harsh conditions.

Nothing I ate in Iceland felt heavy or icky, and I guess there’s reason for that. They use no preservatives and they don’t use growth hormones in their animals. Everything tasted so fresh. However, a scary thing to think about is that Iceland has some “overdue” volcanoes.

At a folk museum we saw some of the first houses in Iceland.

1619419_10155338914000284_2409827098971977379_n 10347096_10155338917520284_6323717059425462244_n

As well as whale vertebrae used for buckets


The waterfall at Skogafoss was lovely, but it was quite a hike to get to the top. Some weather started coming in on our descent … which was mildly terrifying as the wind whipped around us.

19121_10155338928980284_7735015490000336888_n 10374029_10155338931990284_3241391296091860687_n 11052425_10155338920230284_929253183352308689_n

Reynisfjara beach was absolutely breathtaking. The sheer power of the wind and the waves was astounding… and painful at times. I was determined to get at least a few good shots and thank goodness I did. Beauty and danger all in one… every 5-7 waves there is a huge one, said our tour guide. And he was right.

10329312_10155338945035284_3043628164145213472_n 11025741_10155338944865284_9039940637083737325_n 11083828_10155338947280284_819812882654279959_n 11041669_10155338945585284_2048120276583750437_n

Check out what the conditions were like with the video above… pretty gnarly.

Icelandic Tip: Do bring a waterproof point and shoot camera. I brought my awesome SLR, but would have been sorely disappointed if I didn’t have my trusty Olympus waterproof one as the conditions change quickly and my “good” camera had to stay in its case for much of the Reynifjara beach adventure as everything got soaked within minutes because of the sleet/rain.

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