Icelandic Adventure: The Blue Lagoon


The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa in Reykjavik, Iceland and is definitely worth a visit. Being used to less extreme climates, I was surprised that I could comfortably swim around outside in 0 degrees Celsius. Silica mud is available throughout the lagoon so you can give yourself a relaxing mud mask. Believe me, it doesn’t look odd because many people do it … and even if you’re the only one, who cares! There are  other beauty treatments that you can make an appointment for, but the Silica mud is located in containers around the lagoon so you can help yourself.

My experience:

This place is phenomenal. When I visited in March 2015 there was snow on the ground but it was very comfortable and relaxing in the lagoon. You actually get into the water inside the main building and then enter into the lagoon, so you never have to get out into the cold air completely if you don’t want to. Some areas are hotter than others, so be careful about that if you are sensitive to temperatures.

Travel Tip: Follow the directions regarding showering and conditioning your hair in the locker room before entering the lagoon. I thought I had put enough conditioner in my hair but I was very, very wrong. My hair was dried out and fried for about a week after and clumped together. I would even recommend to ladies with hair on the dry side (like mine), maybe try not getting your hair wet at all? But, if you’re adventurous like me and that’s not an option, dowse it in that conditioner! There was no permanent damage to my hair (that I’m aware of), but it was just hard to manage for about week after. This, however, did not taint my view of the lagoon. It was magnificent. It was a little eerie when you couldn’t see much due to the vapor/fog, but it was all in all a lovely time.

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5 thoughts on “Icelandic Adventure: The Blue Lagoon

    1. I haven’t! Was it lovely?

      Iceland was amazing. Other-wordly beautiful. I would love to go back. Maybe in summer this time. Haha. Not sure if that will make a difference with the extreme weather though.

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      1. The cold mud mask pack was good (and salty) Iceland is really beautiful place with all those wild nature and animals. I will visit Iceland again to see an aurora. I missed it last time.


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