My Favorite Day in Iceland: Mind the Waves


This was by far my most favorite day in Iceland, though all of my time spent there was absolutely amazing. This day, however, stands out as particularly beautiful and surreal. Above you see the blacksand beach where glacial icebergs wash up. The Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon [below] was absolutely breathtaking. The glacial icebergs had an etheral glow about them. I realize the pictures I took are beautiful, yes, but standing there is a life-changing experience. No amount of pictures, photoshop, or any adjustments can take the place of actually walking along this lake [below]. The quiet at this lake was defeaning, eerie, but at the same time peaceful. There’s no other way I could describe it. When you break off from your travel party to get our own awesome shot, the quiet sets in, and all you can hear is the moving of the ice and the wind.




On the other side of a road was a black sand beach where glacial icebergs would wash up. If you know me, you know I adore water/beaches/the ocean … in any part of the world. This was truly unqiue and words can’t adequately describe  how otherwordly it felt standing amongst such old ice as the waves came crashing in.

11067768_10155338970425284_3037459480417547008_n 11078171_10155334985005284_6081109894658622080_n

Out of all the beaches and places I’ve traveled in the world, as much as I am a fan of tropical weather … this stands out from the rest. And I’m sure it will continue to do so throughout all of my future travels as well.

Travel tip: Mind the Waves. Every 5-7 waves are, as with other beaches in iceland, bigger than the rest. Oftentimes with beauty comes danger, so do be careful. I can attest to that. I myself ended up with wet boots, but it would be all to easy to get swept away if you aren’t paying attention and are trying to get an awesome shot. Imagine having to run off with your tripod!

Observe my commical mishap …

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