Toyota commercial with dog “floating” down river.


This is without a doubt one of the worst commercials I have ever seen. Anyone who cares anything about animals would never produce or promote such a commercial. All it takes is one idiot trying to recreate this “fetch” scenario and a dog will lose its life.

I just cannot believe that anyone thought this was a cute or a good idea. Anyone with common sense should have stopped this before it broadcasted. The dog is being pulled down river. I can’t imagine that this was fun for the dog … as if the dog would have no problem getting to shore. That’s how people drown. 

Toyota, find a better way to sell, advertise, and market your vehicles without promoting endangering animals. Even if this whole thing was contrived, some people think it’s real. The point is not about whether this particular animal was in danger, the images being shown are completely outrageous and unrealistic. Awful. Simply awful.

Get it together, Toyota.

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