After You – Jojo Moyes


3/5 Stars

So, sequels are hard. I get it. I was pretty disappointed with this up until maybe the last fifth of the book. Specific, I know.

Anyway, my first major grievance was that I didn’t think Lou would just take Lily in. Sure, yes, she is Will’s daughter, but I feel like Lou wouldn’t have opened her home in the middle of the night to a stranger. I think she would have called the police. Wouldn’t it have been more realistic for Lily to contact Lou via Facebook first or something? And it seemed too much to me that Lou had that accident and thought she was paralyzed.

I like the inclusion of Lily, on the whole, in the story, so that Lou gets a glimpse into Will’s past as it emphasizes that people can change (go from being promiscuous, pompous, to a little less so).

Another minor annoyance I had was Moyes describing things as “masculine” frequently, especially involving Sam’s smell? I don’t really know what that means.

I also found myself raging at the part when Lily got blackmailed. I don’t feel like Lily would be shamed into submitting to anyone! It didn’t seem believable to me. And then especially to have it happen twice was a bit overkill to me… that whole sequence just seemed as though it were filling space. I think Lily and Lou could have bonded and learned to trust each other again in another way.

I liked the way the family dynamics shifted … and found myself lauging out loud at the …”back sack and crack” … near the end. That seemed sort of realistic to me (not waxing, but the shift, LOL) and people finding new ways of relating to each other– I really appreciated that.

I did figure that Lou would end up going to New York; I thought that was predictable. However, I did sort of like how it was left open as to whether Sam would follow/be waiting when/if she came back. I recall at some point during the book Sam saying he wouldn’t mind going to New York. It was nice to see her pushed to do something different and I did like the overall feel of the book and showing how she was taking some steps to try to move on. I don’t think I give Lou as much credit as she might deserve, she did choose to move on. Which is admirable. She chose to live after losing someone, which I can definitely relate to.

Choose to live, even through tragedy and uncertainty. Always.

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