The Fault in our Stars – John Green



3/5 Stars.

Overall, I found this to be a fast and entertaining read. I liked how John Green captured the essence of teenage angst and attitude. This comes through despite Hazel and Gus being sick and made the characters more realistic to me, but in some other ways they seemed sort of unrealistic and I found myself having some trouble actually visualizing them saying certain things… almost as if some conversations were, like, contrived. For example, I thought Hazel getting self-righteous and pissed about eggs being breakfast food was a bit unrealistic, but idk, ok, sometimes I say goofy shit.

One thing that had my raging was if the author of her favorite book was such a raging alcoholic, why would he take the time to answer emails and how did he do so, so eloquently? Additionally, if I were a famous author with a lot of money I would go to America to visit a dying girl. Duh. If I thought she was so invested in my work, I wouldn’t just make some flippant statement, like if you’re ever in the neighborhood, drop by. I wondered why going to the U.S. didn’t occur to him, before I found out, that, you know, he’s a dick.

One last thing that sort of pissed me off was when Gus’s Mom said something to the effect of “oh, we want to be a family right now,” meaning Hazel couldn’t see Gus in the hospital. Um, what? Friends have always been like family to me. I understand partitioning out time for alone family time … but to flat out say no? I know if I were a dying teenager I would be asking for my boyfriend. Sigh. Anyway, this was engaging and had me interested until the end. I did like the sub-plot of Hazel wishing to find out what happened to her beloved characters in her favorite book and how her and Gus connected over that. That was endearing and hit home for me, since I love sharing books with my boyfriend.

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