When Ghosts Speak: Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits – Mary Ann Winkowski


4/5 Stars

I have to admit that I was skeptical before reading this book, as I always am with such works, even given my own experiences, connections, and abilities with the spirit world. However, overall, I was pleasantly surprised and did find a lot of useful information here. Mostly, I had it reinforced that my abilities usually do not entail communicating with earthbound spirits, but rather people who have crossed over, and then communicate through dreams etc. However, I have definitely had experiences while awake, though I do not see spirits as vividly or as often as Mary Ann. At any rate, I did find this book rather validating to my own experiences, with both regular and the more rare evil spirits… and I especially liked the information near the end about protecting yourself. I have had my own ways of doing that, but it’s good to have more information.

At first when she mentioned creating the light for people to cross over, I thought she was sort of playing God in a way, but then better understood when she explained that spirits can find the light on their own too.

I will say, though, that as a mental health professional I was put off by her calling suicide selfish, as when people are in that suicidal state, they are often not thinking as they normally would (in many cases) and impulsively act because they just want the pain to stop. In other cases, maybe with chronic illness or mental illness, it has been planned out. Either way, I don’t see the point in calling them selfish, despite the collateral damage that may be caused. I do acknowledge that some people do kill themselves to spite others, that may be a different story. I think the bottom line is I often cringe when I hear people call suicides selfish as a gross generalization of a really complex and complicated behavior.

Other than that, I did agree with most of what she said, though I wasn’t aware that tarot cards could invite spirits into your house… I’ve never used them, but have never heard that before. Anyway, if you think you may have some spirit abilities/intuition, this is worth checking out and is just interesting in general.

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