Choosing not to have children

It’s a choice. A free choice. I’ve seen so much garbage floating around the internet lately about women’s choices, particularly regarding children. This here is one such article that spews garbage, focusing on how people who love their pets are showing their “indifference” to man.

On the contrary, I think if you show indifference to innocent animals, how could you truly love a human? Considering a non-human being as part of your family does NOT mean you think less of people. They are not mutually exclusive. So what if someone says they like their dog more than most people? People can suck! The amount someone loves their pet does NOT diminish how much they love people. The beauty of living in the U.S. is you’re supposed to have a choice to how you want to live your life… so stop judging other’s decisions when they do not have any affect on you whatsoever.

I realize the article is from a religious site, but nevertheless it’s scary to me… how misguided this article is… and how discourse of religion can so warp free choice.

There are so many reasons why people could choose not to have children, having nothing to do with their fur babies. People choose not to have children because they find they would rather focus on their career, travel, do other things that fulfill themselves. A life without children does not mean a life wasted. And I believe in a God who would want me to be happy and not miserable.  Why should someone feel pressured to have children, seeing it as their “duty”? Maybe women, for instance, want to break out of gender roles, they would be bored to tears being a stay at home Mom and don’t want to do that. Maybe they don’t want to balance being a mom with having a career. Who can blame them?! It’s not for everyone! The point is to have a choice and to not judge others for their choices. I get so angry when religion is brought into these conversations when it really has no place. If your religious beliefs say that you should have children whether you want to or not, you need a new religion. And if your religion tells you that you should tell other people what they should choose for themselves, you need a new interpretation of your religion (or a whole new one).


End rant.



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