Soar! T. D. Jakes


I was sorely underwhelmed by this book, no pun intended. Yak yak yak… well, ok, intended. Maybe my disappointment stems from my expectations for the book, I anticipated it to be not solely about entrepreneurship, but also about building a vision for your life and some spiritual tidbits. I am not ready to open my private practice in therapy yet as I am still working on my PhD. Sigh.

Anyway, I found including links in parentheses in text instead of using a reference page or footnotes to be annoying. Overall though, I feel as though the book was filled with a lot of fluff and not much meat. The actual suggestions seemed helpful, but general, and likely could have been condensed into a blog entry. Another thing that sort of stood out to me was when he mentioned consulting Oprah for advice or something and my first thought was: uh… we don’t all know Oprah. LOL. I would have much rather heard about his real personal struggles and specific examples of how he worked through them early on. I did find his chapter “Growing Forward” the most helpful with some nice quotes, I’ll put a favorite below.

We must understand that our success isn’t a measurement to be compared to the success of others.

Overall this left me pretty disappointed, though I will keep my signed copy so maybe I can refer to it if and when I start my private practice. And I’m so tired of hearing about how millennials don’t work hard and are entitled.  I’ve worked my ass off through graduate school to get tuition waivers and have always had side jobs. I’m. So. Tired. of hearing that I just want things handed to me and expect not to work hard. Sure, I know people my age like that, but I know people a lot older than me like that too.

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