Wellness Wednesday: embodied whilst ill

So who gets strep throat in August?

*enthusiastically raises hand*

If you’re sick along with having anxiety, it can be hard to stay in the present moment but try to take care of yourself by

  • Drinking enough water 
  • Taking needed meds
  • Drinking hot tea 
  • Breathing
  • Being kind to yourself 
  • Getting enough rest 
  • Not forcing yourself to “be ok”

I’m at work right now and thankfully everything is slow so I can pay attention to myself. And no. I’m medicated and not contagious. Lol. 
I am blessed to be healthy and not chronically ill, but it is interesting how much I take my health for granted when I’m not sick. Oh the razor blade feeling when I swallow. I am grateful for being mostly healthy.  I hope you all are well. 

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