The Tapes We Play

I’m about to run a group on self concept. A colleague just told me he regularly heard positive things about my groups even though I work on an as needed basis around my school schedule. The comment doesn’t really penetrate or compute. 

I tell the residents in the inpatient rehab where I work all the time that they have tapes and movies playing in their heads that they’re likely unaware of– tapes that tell them who they are and who other people are that may not be accurate. 

The classic example is someone who has spent a lot of time in prison acting as if everyone is talking down to him or treating him like shit. What often happens is he had to act a certain way in prison to survive, view everyone as an opponent. Now though that doesn’t serve him quite as well but he doesn’t recognize he’s viewing the world through prison glasses with his fists up. 

What lens do you regularly look through ? 

I’m still trying to figure mine out. I’m assuming the lens includes some images transposed on it of my childhood where I always felt I was doing something wrong and if I had just done something different then other people would be happy or a situation would be fixed. It likely also has a filter of imposter syndrome and not being xyz enough to be worthy and that’s why people talk over me. I’ll have to think more about it. 
I’m actually not anxious right now before starting group, which is interesting considering I don’t feel well. 

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