A Childhood Friend’s Passing

Having moved around so much … I lost touch with a lot of people and was out of the loop evidently. A guy I used to be very close with in middle school/high school died in a car crash in May and I just found out late last night. We lost touch, but followed each other on Facebook and Instagram. It’s always a strange unsettling feeling when you know that someone who was a staple in your childhood, someone you used to be close with, isn’t in the world anymore.

Even though we stopped talking and I didn’t know the intimacies of his day to day life anymore … there was a feeling of comfort just knowing he was out there in the world living his life.

He was there for me in the best way that he could be when I was struggling with anxiety when I was younger. We used to talk on the phone for hours. He would tell me about his girl problems at the time. He didn’t go to my high school, but came to my Homecoming dance in the same group with me Freshman year. We ate pizza at my house in Batavia, Illinois and I have pictures of him and my date wearing sunglasses before we left for the dance. I went to my first ever huge concert (Warped Tour) with him and another friend and watched him crowd surf. He walked across town at 1 am to come talk to me and cheer me up when we were on AIM and I couldn’t sleep. He threw a sock at my window to wake me up and my mom wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t written “HI” in sticks on our back patio.

I didn’t know much about your adult life, Tommy Stiso, but I do know that you shaped mine by being a presence in my younger years. All of my good thoughts go out to your family, fiancee, and friends. And I can’t believe you’re no longer among us.

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