Wellness Wednesday: Last Time Meditation

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This wellness post is coming to you around midnight my time… that counts, right? I know I will likely have zero free time tomorrow (after I sleep) because I have a doctor’s appointment, want to swim laps, have meetings to go to regarding dissertation things and presenting at a conference next week, class, and I will likely box after class.

I haven’t been taking very good care of myself, so I tried to rectify that today a bit. I succeeded on some fronts and failed on others. I took a walk instead of forcing myself to do work, but I did eat some treats when I wanted to… not do that. Oh well. I used to be so in tune with nature and spend so much time outside in it and then I’m not sure what happened. Depression, anxiety, life took over. I’ve been trying to make time to myself a priority because it makes me such a happier person, but it has been hard lately. Everything has been hard.

When you aren’t happy with your own life, it can become too easy to become preoccupied with social media, looking into the lives of others, and projecting that they are somehow happier than you. I think everyone does this to some extent, but I try to be conscious of when I find myself getting sucked into that internet void and instead try to do something more helpful in my mind like read a book, going outside, or trying to creatively write. On my walk today I did see some horses, which always makes me happy and even a pony. I wanted to go up and pet them, but I was too afraid that the owners of that boarding place would get angry. Maybe sometime I’ll ask if I can say hi.

Anyway, my tip for today…

When I was walking alone, I made a point to not listen to music and to just listen to nature. My mind would start to wander and I would start planning what I had to do later that day, the next day, and beyond, but I kept trying to bring it back with meditating on the thought: What if this was the last time you went on a walk?

Let that thought sink in.

You never know the last time you’re going to do something. I tried that simple meditation too when I swam laps yesterday, and I noticed that I had been planning in my head and my mind was racing, but when I got to lap 30 (where I usually stop), I didn’t want to stop… because it was close to the end and that could be the last one. So I did 31 laps. Don’t be like me and only enjoy the movement in your body on the last lap. Try to be more awake and grateful throughout your day… I am trying to. And the “last time” meditation has helped me.

2 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Last Time Meditation

  1. Spending some time for yourself and with the environment is the best way to relax. Well if you do this, this is something so great. It not only allows you to stay fit but relieve tension and stress also. And it is quite possible that something you do is not good for health but its ok to once have a cheat day. Continue with your meditation therapy, you can also check this: https://bit.ly/2Rs2Y0f


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