Wellness Wednesday: Perspective 

I slept better than I’ve slept for a long time Sunday into Monday, but last night it felt like I didn’t sleepy at all. I know that’s not true though because I remember a dream I had. 

Anyway, it’s always rough when my night isn’t restful and my chest hurts because of anxiety and I wake up with my chest hurting. Overnight when I couldn’t sleep I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across a story about a girl documenting in pictures and words her declining health and lamenting that death with dignity isn’t more widely accepted or allowed. 

I’ve read stories like this before, but the candidness of her story stuck with me. She says she’s angry with able bodied people who complain because they can do something different and she can’t. 

Even though my anxiety makes my life unbearable at times, this story made me grateful. I can hike. I can swim. Those activities are integral parts of who I try to be. So when I was exhausted upon opening my eyes this morning I tried to practice some gratitude about being able bodied and having a warm place to sleep. 

When you find yourself struggling, there is always something to be grateful for. 

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