I love you to the moon and back!


I have been having ups and downs with anxiety lately, but I think I have steadily been getting back in touch with myself, my own self-care and self-love.

But in all seriousness, if you are in or around the Pittsburgh area, go see the Destination Moon exhibit at the Heinz History Center. For the first time, the Columbia has left its home in the Smithsonian in DC and traveled to Pittsburgh (or anywhere!). So that’s a huge deal. This piece of history and awesomeness helped the first astronauts come safely back to Earth. It truly does look otherworldly, and you get a sense of being rather small when you stand by it. You can also hear some of the audio transmissions between mission control on Earth and the astronauts at the museum. One that stands out for me is the audio segment right before signal would be lost because they were going on the far side of the moon. Eerie. Anyway, the moon exhibit is definitely worth checking out, but there are also other neat exhibits at the museum too, like the Mr. Roger’s section. Take an afternoon and stroll around.

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