Good Mentorship

A conversation about my journal article draft turned into something much more for me.

Sometimes I just need to be reminded


Natalie, have you ever done this before? No? Then how could you know what you’re doing.

Good point, good point. Touche.

But that can be hard to keep in the forefront of your mind sometimes when you’re juggling 10 different things/jobs/projects and feel like you’re expected to give 110% at each.

I’m not used to not being good at things.

Sometimes that turns into high and unrealistic expectations for myself that I need to work on keeping in check. I am trying my best … and that conversation was super helpful. Even though my article isn’t exactly ready to be shipped off for publication yet, I took more from that conversation than just I needed to make some more edits. You never know when you’re going to receive good mentorship… sometimes it’s unexpected and you end up leaving a phone call feeling better than before it started.

I didn’t expect that, I never do. Most of the time I get nervous before meetings and think that I did poorly at something/messed something up. So… it’s super nice to be reminded that even if I feel like I’m flailing aimlessly, I’m not doing a terrible job.

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