Wellness Wednesday: “Let Them Talk.”

As much as I try to get these done on Wednesdays… lol. Wednesdays tend to be jam-packed and crazy for me.

Anyway, my wellness post for the week was inspired by a newly acquired mentor. She helps me process some of the frustrations and insecurities that go along with the dissertation process and I so appreciate it. We also processed just how to handle tough situations with other people.

She shared that the dissertation process for her brought up a lot and negative self talk that is sometimes hard to combat, as well as other people bringing you down. People are sometimes needlessly competitive both inside and outside academia and it’s hard to not let other people’s comments and attitudes have power over you. Her advice was “let them talk,” because throughout the process, you’ll gain the confidence you need which will eventually form a protective armor around you so that no one’s comments will matter eventually.

Now that’s some solid advice. Taking enough pride in what you do, trying hard, letting insecurities and other emotions arise without compartmentalizing so that you come out on the other side stronger… experiencing everything fully.

I definitely have some awesome people around me. Everyone I’ve met, faculty-wise has been so so so supportive. I may be really lucky in that regard, but I don’t take it for granted.

Even if you’re not working on a dissertation, find something that helps to build your self-confidence so that eventually you will take yourself seriously enough that it won’t matter if other people don’t. YAS.

One thought on “Wellness Wednesday: “Let Them Talk.”

  1. It is praiseworthy to have a mentor for a season as you have found. May you be richly blessed.

    Mentors and coaches serve us either paid or unpaid and usually are dedicated up to a boundary point, but may or may not have unconditional care for the one being mentored/coached. If relationship safety is there for the mentee, the mentor may be able to speak “into” the life of the mentee.

    They are relationships for good on the part of the mentor/coach, but usually are just for a season and are in large or small part self-serving on the mentor’s part and fully served for the mentee who typically does not serve the mentor…

    What we need, really need, is for a “relationship for the good”, where we are safe for others and to find someone of the same gender that is safe for us – both sides vulnerable, honest, and forthright. Both give and both receive and typically have no “season”. Such relationships are made in heaven and truly transform us. I’ll also say they are rare and so beautiful to behold.


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