Wellness Wednesday: The Sea



I quite literally fled Pennsylvania for the sea to avoid the last of the atrocious weather for this Winter, as well as things I simply don’t want to deal with. Whenever I return from the sea I always have a better perspective and handle on things. I’m regrounded and realigned with things that actually matter.

If you’re familiar with ecopsychology, then it’s no surprise to you that the sea equates with consciousness. It’s fluid, sometimes it’s crystal clear and sometimes it’s murky and opaque when there’s a storm and the sands get stirred up. Lately I’ve felt more connected with the dolphins at sea than the majority of people around me. The sea forces you to be completely present, not only because you have to pay attention to how you’re going to get oxygen, but when you’re in the water and snorkeling/diving, you hear your breathing along with all of the other wonderful sounds that go along with the sea.

People want to be seen. Heard. Given another’s full attention, to have one’s thoughts and feelings validated. That is what it means to be truly present and connected. Learn to be awake, aware, conscious. There’s nothing more frustrating when another person just isn’t currently capable, or is unwilling, to give that to you.

I find the sea so healing and rejuvenating. People aren’t meant to live in sterile environments inside… you were born wild, you are supposed to connect with the wild, and integrate all parts of yourself–not shut down things when they become overwhelming or scary. The sea integrates all experiences into itself– when it’s windy, the sea reacts and is affected. It compensates, adjusts, and eventually settles. People could learn so much from the sea, learn how to be more self-aware and recognize how their actions and inactions affect other people. The tides affect the sand and the occupants within the sea.

Some people live completely asleep, so blind to how selfish they are. It’s not a true connection to only speak with others when it’s convenient for you/when you’re comfortable. There’s no growth in that. It’s never ok to invalidate or ignore another person’s thoughts or feelings when you say you care about a person.

The sea helps me learn when and where I need to recede and where I should place my energy instead. It’s so helpful and helps me refocus my attention on things and people that actually help me grow and deserve my time. Meditate on what and who deserves your time– it’s the people that honor you, want to draw you out of your shell, talk to you and are fully present. It’s the activities that help you to nurture your soul and grow. What shores should your energy grace? Not every shore deserves your attention. Re-evaluate often.


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