Wellness Wednesday ish.

Wednesdays seem to be the worst day for me to keep up with my blog. Lol. But the alliteration is just too good.

I’m currently reflecting on the statement that “good therapists go to therapy.” If I haven’t always believed that, I absolutely do now. It is so helpful to know yourself well if you are going to do any type of counseling or psychotherapy work. How can you intend to help your clients grow if you yourself remain stagnant and unexamined? It’s so interesting to me when I meet people in the helping professions who don’t seem to be too emotionally intelligent or aware of how their actions or inactions influence others. It can be so so frustrating.

My own therapist recently asked me to reflect on why I like the ocean and it occupants so much. Aside from just the sea representing consciousness, I have always loved the water. I remember the first time my head went under in a pool. I was so scared I held my breath … from fear, not instruction. But after that initial time I had no fear. And living with anxiety makes nonfearful moments so so cherished. I feel better in the sea. Held up with relatively no effort on my part ..: I could probably swim the English Channel. Lol.

As for the occupants … dolphins in particular … they seemed more present and self aware than a lot of humans I’ve been interacting with as of late. There’s something about this unspoken mutual respect and recognition of another spirit when you’re around dolphins. They’re present. They’re honest. If they don’t want to be around you, they’re gone in an instant. There’s something raw and real about that. Their attention is precious because you know it’s genuine and there’s nothing attached to it. No base motives, only playful curiosity and maybe a bit of kindness too. Playful curiosity. I try to bring that along with me even in the darker parts of my life … like I imagine dolphins would if they had worries.

Aside from them just being stunningly beautiful to watch swim, there’s something spiritual about being included in a pod of dolphins. The six that were around me would swim by me, go off, then come back, almost as if recognizing that this new comrade of theirs couldn’t quite keep up but they still wanted me around. It was truly magical. Maybe if I can formulate more thoughts about how truly healing it is to be with them, I’ll link the videos I took.

I think that’s all. People just want to be seen. Heard. Acknowledged. And it’s so much fun and healing even when nonhuman spirits can provide that type of caring and attention.

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