Grateful for this Time

I didn’t have a chance to write this week on time like I normally do… with teaching three nights a week and providing supervision on Thursdays— I really needed some time to myself, to let my brain rot. Lol.

I go to lunch every week with my mother at a cafe in Zelienople, PA. I will say that as much as I find myself torn between urban and rural living, it is fun being a “regular” somewhere. Anyway, a waitress we normally see commented today as my mom and I were laughing about something stupid that she likes to see the two of us, because her and her mother do the same thing, go out to eat each week. They make a point of doing it. She commented about how some of her other customers come in and say that their kids live close, but they never see them. That really makes my heart hurt. I don’t ever want that to happen. Time is a precious thing and if you really care about someone, you make the time and you commit to making things happen. Period.

If someone doesn’t make the time for you… try not to waste your time on them. Other people will see your worth and devote time to you. You never know how much time you’ll have with someone, so I initiated a tradition/ritual of my mom and I going out for lunch once a week. Even if we don’t always agree, even if we go on hiatus for a while, it gets reinstated. And I’m grateful for that time and the fact that it was acknowledged today was powerful and touched me. I wish more people would initiate spending time with people they say they care about. Everyone is busy, but no one is too busy for that if they truly want to.

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