Wellness Update

As I’ve been reflecting on my new instructor teaching journey, I really don’t think I’ve been putting my sanity first as hard as I’ve tried. Next week is the final week of the 5 week sexuality class I’m teaching and I’m sicker than a dog and I never get sick. I feel achey. Feverish. Head pounding. And I’m pretty sure it just has to do with stress catching up with me.

It sucks to have anxiety and teach. But it’s also liberating each day when you make it through without having to end early or without having a panic attack after. I actually thought I was doing pretty well with everything: exercising regularly, etc. but then the past week or so I would wake up in the middle of the night chest hurting. This is a new manifestation of anxiety that hasn’t happened to me before. FUCK. Lol.

Always an interesting journey. I can keep it together during the day but it comes up at night and I can’t sleep. Like. Worse than my normal insomnia. Sigh. Always a new development. And so I guess it’s no surprise I got sick. Lol my immune system is probably down which sucks because I had just gotten back into a groove of working out regularly and feeling better that way. Oh well. I’ll get back on track again. My body is forcing me to rest and yes I should have listened sooner.

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