Wellness Update

Teaching a five week class was much more grueling than expected, but I made it through. I promised myself I wouldn’t do work today. And I haven’t. And I won’t. I went to Zumba with my mom then out to lunch and now I’m lounging on a glorious day in my backyard. I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of myself than I have been this year so far, for a variety of reasons.

I’m taking no shit.

Working hard.

Allowing time to enjoy myself.

Connecting with people who matter to me.

Doing what I want.

Advocating for myself

And trying to take better care of myself.

There will always be people who try to push your buttons, who don’t treat you how you deserve to be treated, who ditch you and ignore you at the first sign of conflict or shit “getting real.” I no longer have space for those types of people in my life and I’m glad for it.

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