Wellness Wednesday

Skipped a week for the first time in a while. Blast. A lot going on and a lot of new developments in terms of my dissertation process, which is moving along slowly, as well as starting in private practice. All good stressors, I keep reminding myself. I am going to try to challenge myself to keep writing creatively this upcoming fall semester and challenge myself to post every day in August, even if it’s just a photo (“blogust”). We’ll see how that goes. When the creative part of myself gets pushed by the wayside is when I start to become sick… physically and mentally, so I want to commit to continuing to nurture that part of myself, especially because dissertation can be so brutal.

On my to do list for today is/was

Do a site visit for one of my supervisees (done)

Process continuing reviews for the IRB (done)

Finish up some lingering paperwork for the private practice sessions from yesterday

Get some paperwork organized for my supervisees/plan for the fall

Tackle some of chapter 3 (methodology/stats stuff) for my dissertation proposal.

I … probably won’t get to all of it, but that’s ok. Tomorrow and Friday are pretty wide open for finishing up that stuff and doing some lingering writing projects.

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