Blogust 1

And so it begins, me trying to blog every day in August, even if it’s just a picture. I like the above shot of me, even though the selfie is from yesterday.

Today I woke up without having slept well. That’s nothing remarkable. But what is notable is that I wasn’t anxious. I had an inner sense of peace that is often foreign to me, unless I’ve slept. I think I attribute that to trying to take better care of myself and not taking on other peoples chaos.

I had a great Supervision session with a counseling supervisee in her practicum experience. She’s impressive and I felt helpful during session today, so that was positive.

I’m also working to pace myself with writing my dissertation proposal which I will turn in a draft to my committee chair on September first, so hopefully on August 31 I will post that I’m ready lol.

As for today, I hope to tidy up a bit and watch Shark week while daydreaming about my next snorkeling excursion. #selfcare lol

I did watch this inspiring video on creativity and how fear and resistance can keep you stuck and separate you from fulfilling your creative purpose. I do let fear stop be sometimes. But I try to do things anyway, despite the fear. I try to remind myself that I’m fearful because I care.

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