Blogust 2

Today was more productive than I thought it would be. I didn’t sleep well. Again. But somehow I still didn’t feel very anxious about working. I went to zumba with my mom and then we had lunch. I was able to work on my dissertation for a couple hours while also completing some other work.

The only time I really felt anxiety today was when I was searching for journals to submit an article to (my master’s thesis). I actually didn’t feel too anxious working on my dissertation today… not really sure why. Maybe it’s because I finally have an outline that I feel ok with and a good dissertation example to use as a template for my proposal. I noticed that listening to some relaxing music did make the time go faster and I felt better in “flow” than I have in a while. I’ll try to keep doing that.

I haven’t felt very much in touch with my creative side lately. It’s hard to switch back and forth from academic to creative writing. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t do both and that maybe I wasn’t meant to.

I try to remind myself though, that there hasn’t really been a time academically or otherwise that I’ve stumbled onto a project that I actually COULDN’T do when I put forth the effort. I’ve always figured things out. It’s more so committing to the time of actually sitting down to do it. Though, I guess now that I think about it, I did do some creative writing today about addiction for a graduate student publication submission due in about a week… creative writing always comes back to me… or I come back to it. I’m trying to be more intentional about integrating it into my day.

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