Blogust 10

Worked for an hour on my dissertation today and that’s all I could muster. But that’s ok. I’m going to a great restaurant tonight and likely swimming tomorrow. Things will get done when they’re supposed to get done and I’m not killing myself over it. I know my anxiety can get to dangerous levels. And nothing really drove that home like recent tragedies that befell Slippery Rock University. Student suicides have become an issue. It’s a great school and I’ll always maintain that, but mental health needs to be attended to.

Personally, I’m no longer in such a dark place but I understand how anxiety depression and other issues can strike for people. It’s devastating.

I’m going to be walking the Out of the Darkness suicide prevention walk this September in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. Please consider donating to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at my link here. My goal is to raise 300 dollars for my team Angelus Therapeutic Services.

Thanks so much.

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