Blogust 12

Had a great weekend. Definitely overate yesterday, but for whatever reason I’m not beating myself up about it like I normally would. I still lifted today and plan to do cardio (zumba) tomorrow. I try to live by not waiting until you like how you look to go out and do things. You’ll never reach perfection so there’s not point in hiding yourself away. I don’t anymore and I’ve been so much happier.

7 thoughts on “Blogust 12

  1. Brilliant post…with very emancipating and inspiring words. Love the “Like I normally would” part…as…it shows your due diligence towards constantly evolving your mindset and growing.

    Really enjoyed everything this stood for…and think you have a great message/story to pass on to others.

    Keep doing you fam ✌️❤️ Lee

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      1. Takes a lot of balls and guts to do what you are doing. Very inspiring…and…very human. I think being human is slowly slipping into the abyss of obscurity these days! You’re blog is a welcomed refreshment 👊

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