Blogust 13

Worked on my dissertation today, went to Zumba and saw 4 clients in a row at the private practice. Was great to see progress that my clients have made, but I’m spent– more so because of dissertation worries than anything else.

I think overeating brings up a lot for me. I notice how much better my body feels when I eat mindfully. I’ve been trying to do more of that but it’s hard when you have so many things up in the air.

I know overall I’ve done much better with managing anxiety than in the past, but flare ups are still bad, though usually no where near where they were. For the most part everything is manageable and my moods are better than they’ve ever been when I’ve started focusing more on myself and not taking on other peoples chaos. I just wish I had more time to be creative somehow. I feel stifled and like I can’t write creatively anymore(short stories, poems, novel ideas,) even if I did have the time.

Maybe sometime. Here is a creative endeavor and blog post I’m particularly proud of as connecting with animals has always quelled my anxiety. Check out the benefits of pets and connecting with animals.

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