Blogust 29

Had a sort of surreal moment today in which I taught in the same classroom that I took class during my masters. It was weird but a good type of weird.

I was nervous. Felt it coming on in my chest and my stomach before class. Hands kind of shakey and numb. But previously I would have had these symptoms days before. Not just an hour before a presentation or teaching. Didn’t sleep very well last night, but my anxiety has certainly improved. In the past I likely would have had a panic attack on the drive home, but today I just left with a bit of a headache and gave into eating carbs and a cupcake when I got home. But not terribly overeating. I would say that’s a win.

I did worry about coming off as awkward, nervous, or snooty. Being and INTJ woman doesn’t work in my favor often. We’re rare. But at least I’m not dreading going back next week. Hopefully it’ll be a good semester.

4 thoughts on “Blogust 29

    1. Thanks for your comment! I teach masters level counseling classes: addiction, sexuality, and ethics so far. Currently teaching ethics while I finish my dissertation. I think the first class went ok. Many thanks !

      Very cool— what’s funny is when I take the Myers Briggs I often get smack in the middle of INTJ and INFJ. Lol. So yeah. Nice to meet a fellow INT\F J. Lol

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