Blogust 30

Where did the time go? I was semi productive today. Worked on my dissertation proposal. Did Zumba, ate lunch with my mom and did errands, and did some other work from home for a job of mine.

I went on a lovely walk by myself this evening. It’s gorgeous. I wish it were always like this in Pittsburgh. Then I would never want to leave. I brought my phone and earbuds, but actually didn’t listen to music and wanted to just listen to nature instead. It was a great decision. I did find my mind wandering a lot, with planning what I want to do tonight and tomorrow, but I would try to redirect myself. I did feel a sense of deep gratitude for being able to walk and do things on my own. Seeing your mom struggle with arthritis will do that to you.

I think I’m letting go of my plans for the evening and will just try to do a little work tomorrow morning whenever I wake up.

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