Blogust 31

Last day of blogging … every day of August. Lol. I’m not doing well but at least I’m eating Italian tonight. I’ll likely post a reflection of my blogust challenge soon. I did it. Posted every day of August. Yay. It was cool to see my ups and downs throughout the month and even though I didn’t meet my goal of finishing my dissertation proposal by September 1, I likely wouldn’t have made as much progress as I did if I hadn’t set that date for myself.

3 thoughts on “Blogust 31

    1. Many thanks ! It was a challenge for me to blog every day of the month and not worry about like the quality of what I’m saying and more so focus on the process.

      You should try posting every day of a month if you haven’t already. 😉

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      1. Well I think it’s brilliant you have.

        I look forward to more!

        haha you never know…I may just do that…although…I like to keep you guessing 😉😛

        Hope the night is an amazing one for you!


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