Blogust Reflection

Blogging every day for a month really reminded me of when I was younger and I used to write every day. Expressing myself was something that got stifled for various reasons, and I am continually trying to recommit to creative expression whether that’s through what I wear, my makeup, writing creatively, etc

It’s so hard not to lose sight of our true selves when we are so busy and constantly inundated with ads and products and images telling us how we should want to be, how we should think, how we should want to look, and the things we need to get there. It can all be very overwhelming. Thus I am trying to greatly reduce my time on social media … not counting WordPress. I don’t typically end up feeling bad after reading and interacting on this platform like I do on others. It’s interesting. I have noticed that on days when I’m feeling bad I tend to spend more time on social media, almost as if those two things feed off of each other. I’m sure they do.

I’ve read empirical research that supports that notion: being depressed and icky feelings is linked to spending time on your phone or even having it just WITHIN YOUR SIGHT. Now that’s crazy. But I can tell you that I do feel anxious when I don’t know where my phone is. I’m not sure why. Sometimes we all do need to disconnect.

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