I’m happy today

Mr. Pickles and I are thick as thieves.

So I taught yesterday and I really need to reflect on how difficult it is to teach classes that you’ve never taught before.

Being a new professor is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I continue to force myself to do things that make me anxious.

I have been listening to ASMR the last couple nights and I’ve been sleeping so much better. I couldn’t believe the difference that it has made and I thought it was complete bullshit at first but it’s not so I guess that’s a plus. So if you struggle with anxiety and being able to sleep it’s probably worth a shot to just go to YouTube and try to find some sounds or voices or whatever on the ASMR channels that relax you.

I have been feeling so much more present and relaxed/focused and just content than I have in a long time. I Remember texting one of my friends that if I slept this way normally I would be completely unstoppable. Lol.

I think that’s it for my ramble today. I hope all of you lovely people are well.

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