Wellness Wednesday

Started this yesterday and finished it today. As is my life. Lol.

I guess I can sort of commend myself on trying to be flexible with how much my schedule has changed yesterday. Usually that stresses me out, but I’ve been relatively ok with it. I did turn in my dissertation proposal. I appreciated running into someone in the cohort below me who is also teaching… “well, I’m rooting for you.” Is what he said when I was talking about how hard it is to teach classes you’ve never taught before that aren’t in your speciality area. It’s just nice every once in a while to talk with someone who can relate. Sigh.

I do know I’m trying the best that I can while still trying to maintain some semblance of balance in my life, but it often doesn’t feel like enough. And that I fall short in everything I’m working on… because there’s so much I just can’t do everything to the quality that I would normally like it to be, which eats at me. I try to just say everything is good experience lol but it doesn’t always feel that way when you’re stressed out.

Today, I class prepped and allowed myself some time outside before heading to campus. At least that’s good.

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