Wellness Wednesday

There are actually so many things I want to write about.

The wilderness I explored in Washington state

Joker the movie

The difference between a therapist and life coach.

But it’s midnight and I’m reflecting on the conference I presented at last week.

I was so nervous and my presentation didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked. I was embarrassed. Angry. But it wasn’t as devastating to me as it probably would have been years ago. I stammered. Did annoying mannerisms. Didn’t communicate well or do the topic of my presentation justice.

But, it was … humbling, I guess, to have my friends and people I love still talk to me and be nice to me afterward. I think that was the first time people saw me nervous in a public speaking scenario and then they didn’t pretend not to know me afterward. Lol it was just powerful to have people see me suck at something and still like me. Because I’m a perfectionist and normally … I am perfect. Or, rather, I have things go smoothly and have things under control.

Man. If I didn’t have anxiety so bad I would really be a badass.

Oh well. I’ll try again the next time around I spose.

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