I feel like I’m on the edge of a great precipice. A great change. It’ll probably one of the healthiest ones I’ll ever make for myself and I’m sure I’ll never go back. I’m becoming more and more stingy with my time and more selective about who I give attention and power to. I’m not where I would like to be with that quite yet, but I’m closer than ever before.

I can’t wait to leave this place literally and metaphorically and I know I’ll never be back. I’m starting not to care about connections others didn’t care to foster with me. It doesn’t matter. I matter. And if others aren’t capable of the depth of connection I want and deserve (in any capacity, friendship or otherwise), then there’s no point in my feeling left out. It’s not what I need.

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  1. One point I believe you error on is that you say “you matter” and others may not. Jesus said everyone matters because everyone is created in the image of God and thus they also matter. Of course, that includes you – and yes, you matter. To make it about just you that matters though is buying into the entitlement mentality that is in part destroying our society. You have but to look around and see that so many of the messages in our day say that it’s “all about you the beholder.” It is a sad commentary on the decline of our world. Our world IS to be about giving preference to others, to serve others more than ourselves – but that is not the way of a self-centered, self-serving life.
    Have a Jesus blessed day,


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