Ballroom Blast

I went out ballroom dancing for the first time in years, same place I used to go and it truly was like I never left. I did think people would forget me for some reason so it was nice to be pleasantly surprised that you are still part of a group that means so much to you. Graduate school and just life stress truly got in the way of things that I love doing but I’m going to try to start going out dancing socially at least once a month.

I do like dancing for a lot of reasons. It’s fun to have a reason to get dressed up, sure. It’s fun looking at all the colorful dresses women wear and how they spin. But when you’re actually dancing your brain is sort of forced to be in the present moment and you really can’t think about anything else. A lot of steps came back to me and I even fumbled my way through a Viennese Waltz, much to the graciousness of my patient partner (who I warned beforehand that I would be rusty). But it was good. We did the samba line dance which is one of my favorite line dances. It truly made me wonder why I haven’t committed to going more often. It’s weird when you fall away from something you love and then return to it… time doesn’t seem to exist and it’s like the dancing and all the wonderful people were just there whenever I decided to come back.

My feet aren’t happy with me but my heart is. I probably shouldn’t have swam 40 laps then danced in heals after having not done so in 3 years. Lol. Oh well. I ordered snazzy new Latin shoes and can’t wait to try them out, they were a recommendation from a friend. I didn’t spend much time sitting down which was cool but unexpected. In ballroom culture everyone dances with everyone else, whether you came with a partner or not. I’m not bashful and can definitely ask people to dance but normally I don’t just in case idk. It would be misunderstood for flirting or something. I don’t think my friend and I sat out more than a couple songs. And that was truly unexpected. It was a great surprise and I can’t wait to go back soon.

6 thoughts on “Ballroom Blast

  1. “It’s weird when you fall away from something you love and then return to it… time doesn’t seem to exist”

    I know what you mean here. I usually feel a lot of guilt, too, which has been holding me back. But I’m gradually learning to not feel that!


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