I’ve noticed that if I don’t engage in creative endeavors often enough I feel so much less fulfilled and more sluggish. I’m going to try to commit to making things and writing creative things more often. Maybe get more active on my Etsy shop again.

I love making little critters with polymer clay.

I think I’m also dealing with some postpartum issues regarding my dissertation proposal. That might sound extreme, but if you’ve ever worked on something for so long and then turn it over to someone else it’s just … idk. You almost don’t know what to do with yourself. I think I’m dealing with a little of that. And while I never have a shortage of things to do or work on, I really want to commit to my creative self in 2020. Especially regarding creative writing. I had two short stories published in 2019 and I want to at least continue that if not start working on a novel (finally). I know dissertation and finishing my PhD are priority and I do get some fulfillment from that, but my uh … soul nourishment is often different from the fulfillment I get from academic work. It is what it is. I read somewhere recently that what you are interested in and passionate about is involuntary. I think it is. I can’t help that I’m interested in psychology and creative things … the sooner you accept your interests and incorporate them into your life the more fulfilled you’re likely to be. That has taken me a while to understand and I’m still working on it.

I also need to read for pleasure more. That fell off when my dissertation took off. Noted.

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