A lot can happen in a day

I found out a manuscript I submitted was rejected by yet ANOTHER journal, but I also got the notification that my dissertation chair has approved my chapters 1-3 to be sent out to the rest of my committee. YAY. Progress. I might actually be done earlier than I thought.

I swam 50 laps at the Y today, which felt amazing. I used my snorkel for the first time in forever and it felt like I was so speedy. I have to do that more often. It was amazing. Sometimes I just swim without putting my head in the water because I don’t want to get my hair wet, lol, but I was reminded of what it feels like to be in the sea today. I’l have to schedule my next getaway as soon as my PhD is done. I have a lot to do to prep for next semester, but I do want to give myself time to be creative and reflect before the year is over/during my Winter break.

I got such a swimmer’s high today that I think the rejection of that paper didn’t hit me as hard as it normally would. I need to make sure I swim 50 laps more often. Yes.

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