Behavioral Addictions

This is truly one of my passions– treating behavioral addictions. Behavior or process addictions actually activate the same pleasure pathways in the brain as substance addictions do… and they can be just as much if not more difficult to manage! This might include sex, porn, gaming, shopping, gambling, relationships… really, the possibilities are endless.

Remember that there are some hallmarks of addiction to remember:

  • Perceived loss of control over the behavior
  • Obsessing about it
  • Continued use despite negative consequences
  • Tolerance/withdrawal (e.g., severe anxiety/discomfort when you can’t engage in the behavior)

Check out the latest blog I crafted about this important topic. Click here.

And truly, I think everyone is at least a little bit addicted to something.

6 thoughts on “Behavioral Addictions

  1. Yes, I’ve been thinking this was the case! I first learned about porn addiction several years ago, and was able to help myself. But it’s pretty obvious to me how big of a problem this is. Ask any guy how comfortable they would be with not watching porn for a week, a month, and you get your answer. Also guys are so reluctant to discsuss this and the idea of giving it up, another hint! And I see how the same logic and processes applies to so many

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      1. Totally agree :). Breaking from porn took so much self discipline, but after a long while it becomes effortless. It’s the perfect addiction in terms of availability and reward vs effort.


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