Job Searching

before you’ve finished your dissertation can be so overwhelming. Am I serious about moving? Could I be happy in that town/state/region etc? Do the faculty have similar research interests to me? To what degree are they similar? Does that matter? Ugh.


I don’t think I would mind adjuncting while I figure all of that out if I don’t the faculty position in my area that I want. Moving is a big prospect and I would like to see the places I’m moving to before I commit/ think seriously about it. I know I get ahead of myself but it’s hard not to. At the moment I’m seriously considering applying to places in the warmer states lol, but that may just be because I am currently cold. We’ll see how everything plays out. I know I’ll be ok regardless, it’s just hard making life decisions when you’re like me and never feel like you have enough time or information. lol



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