Happy New Year


This is me in my happy place— at sea. There are so so many photos of the sea that I have from over the years that bring me peace just looking at them. I need to be more intentional about having the sea available to me in various ways as well as committing to going whenever it’s feasible for me.

I think another thing that I would like to add to my goals for 2020 is to not use the Internet mindlessly so often. Sometimes watching Youtube makeup tutorials can relax me or keep me company when I’m feeling down, but at the same time I find myself losing a lot of time doing this and staying up late. Or it’ll lead me to buy things I don’t need. Some social media (excluding wordpress, most of the time) leads me to social comparisons. I want to spend less time on those social media sites, focus more on this one and more on reading instead of watching youtube videos.

I don’t want to use social media to dissociate as much. I want to commit to breaking even more away from my smart phone. I want to try to be more present and feel safe being present. That has always been an issue for me and it’s all to easy to slip into dissociation. I think that’s why I love swimming so much… you’re forced to be present for your own safety. And you can hear your own breathing oftentimes, especially when snorkeling. It’s a wonderful way to try to practice noticing the breath.

Is being present one of your 2020 goals? I’ve never made a “vision board.” Do those sorts of things help you?

Much love

~*~ Natalie ~*~

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