Back to work… sort of

So even though the semester doesn’t start for me for a while, I have to class prep and work on my dissertation. It’s slow going getting back into the groove of things, but today I worked from home, set hour timers, and then did quick 5-10 minute yoga routines (aided by Youtube) in between my working segments. It helped me immensely get back into academic writing mode… I need to have that time broken up so I don’t go crazy.

One thing that one of the “yogis” said during tree pose is that:

You can’t learn your balance until you fall first

That resonated with me because… it  has been feeling like I’m getting to know myself again. You have to learn your growing edges and your boundaries in order to achieve any semblance of balance… and even more notably, even with yoga, you have to try, which often involves wobbling or falling, before you’ll ever find balance.

Have you found balance today? I’m trying.


Much love

~*~ Natalie ~*~

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