Redefining Therapy

One of my friends is going through a hard time. Today we both went to the local Y and swam laps. I’m not his therapist, I’m his friend, but I found myself wondering about doing something similar with my clients. Or winning the lottery and opening a facility where I could have a session that incorporated swimming or something. Swimming always helps to keep me present, ground me, and expel negative energy. Sometimes people just need that, someone to be present with them and give them that nudge to move their body and get some energy out. Dispel negative stuff that isn’t there’s to hold any longer. Swimming is usually a part of that for me, and I would bet that it would help many heal and get back to equilibrium.

Maybe I could do sessions while walking or hiking. Something to engage the body in movement, because movement is such medicine to people who feel stagnant.


Maybe some day I will make this idea a reality, first, finish dissertation. lol

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