Bonus ”Seascape”

I start dreaming of the sea ore frequently if I haven’t been there in a while. That has started for me. Recently I dreamt that I went on my trip to Belize but forgot my underwater cameras!

Most of the time they’re peaceful dreams though … dreaming of dolphins, whales, fish, sea critters.

I will also have the pleasure of visiting San Diego for the first time this April. I’m going to a conference with a very good friend. We might go whale watching and will likely hit the Zoo.

This year will be even better than last. I can feel it. I’ll likely finish my PhD and get even more back to my true self.

The clay scene you see above, I made out of polymer clay. Yeah, I have an obsession. Lol. I may list this on my Etsy or I may just keep it.

🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊

The sea envelopes


Cleanses itself

And all who visit.

You’ll leave

Feeling its power

Its beauty,

Eternal feminine energy.

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