Today was too much. Lol.

Too much angst. Excitement. Goodness. Just everything. Lol.

I did pass my dissertation proposal defense. Was told I did a great job and my chair and mentor gave me this sticker for my laptop. Everyone seems to know I love the sea and it’s critters. 🙂 Now just have to do the stats and discussion. I should be done in May.

And then I had to teach tonight and get anxious all over again. lol. Everything is getting easier as I get into the semester, but today was just a lot.

Everyone is so helpful and encouraging. I’m just trying to do a good job with everything. It’s just a lot going on, even when they are mostly all good things.

Excuse me while I try to relax and then get back to your regularly scheduled mental health blogging. Perhaps this is a great time to share my blog on high functioning anxiety ? lol

Click here

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