Wellness Wednesday

Haven’t done one of these in a while.

We see posts all the time telling us to always be kind because we don’t know what battles people are fighting. And I just was reflecting on the people who have been kind to me in my life and it is so, so appreciated, especially because for much of my life I don’t feel like I had much of that. Or support for pursuing … well, anything.

In particular recently one of my mentors said something to the effect of: “everything will work out and you’ll end up where you need to be” when talking about my future plans and getting a job as a faculty member. I think I’ll always remember that, even though he probably didn’t think much of it, because he’s just a nice person.

But when you grow up without things being explicitly said to you, it’s just nice to know that someone really does believe in you and thinks you’re worthwhile. So really, don’t hold back being honest with people. You never know how much what you say can stick with people and motivate them. There’s very few people I have trusting relationships with and it’s just nice to be acknowledged by someone I trust.

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