First Snow?

It’s February and I actually thought I had gotten away with not having a “real Winter.” Oh well, it is beautiful. And my late wolf baby Luna (rescue pooch) loved the snow, so I guess I can’t hate it too much. I feel like the second image from the top sort of reminds me of Narnia lol with the lamp post and all.

It’s much easier to hate the snow when I’m in a bad mental state. Lately I’ve been working very hard to set boundaries for myself and be more creative, whether that’s writing, sharing photos, or expressing myself through my clothes or makeup… it’s all serving for me to get back to myself and it has been a LONG time coming.

It’s so nice to be inspired by other people who are doing what you would like to be doing instead of being consumed with jealousy and rage because you’re not doing those things… believe me, I’ve been that person before when my anxiety was bad. It’s not pretty and I don’t intend to go back there. Specifically, I’m referring to people who creatively write for a living or at least for a side hustle… and now I get paid to write for a mental health app and for a blog. It’s an amazing feeling to be doing that… something I never thought would happen. It’s true that when you get healthier more and more opportunities come your way, which in turn makes you healthier. Yes, you need a balance, but it’s like the universe aligns to help you when it sees you take steps to help yourself. And I’m so so so grateful. And I can find snow lovely, more so than I was able to before, despite being a sea critter at heart 😉

Spring lies in wait

While the earth takes her rest

Blanketed in white


Cold isn’t always death

It’s a time for quiet meditation

Of backlit snowflakes

In front of friendly street lamps

Deer pausing

Skirting a frozen lake.

Winter, she’s alive



Self assured

That this repose will birth great things.

I. Personally. Have never been so happy and so so excited for spring. But at the same time, I can appreciate winter so much more than I ever have.



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